Estate Planning & Administration

Our team crafts your personalized estate plan.

The McKinney & Malapit Law team is experienced with handling the details of estate planning. We’ll carry out your wishes at a minimum cost and maximum efficiency. As counselors, we’ll listen to your goals and serve as the architects in crafting your customized estate plan, built with your specific needs and family circumstances top of mind.

Estate planning may involve:

  • a simple will
  • a living will
  • power of attorney
  • guardianship
  • healthcare planning
  • estate administration
  • or a complex trust

When a loved one passes away and you are faced with the stresses of numerous challenges in the administration of the estate, you can turn to McKinney & Malapit Law for experienced and trusted advice.

Regardless of the size or complexity of the estate, we provide comprehensive legal services for the administration trusts and estates. For executors, we ensure you are fully informed of your duties and obligations. We provide a roadmap for the smooth and efficient administration of the estate assets while being conscious of maximizing the benefits for the beneficiaries.

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