Family Law

Emotions run strong in family proceedings, so having a compassionate family lawyer can make a big difference in these stressful times.

Whether you are filing for divorce, responding to a divorce petition, or seeking child custody or support, the attorneys at McKinney & Malapit Law will protect your rights, assets, and personal well-being.

Experienced Divorce Attorneys:

With nearly half of all marriages in the United States ending in divorce, many are faced with this hardship. Even if you and your spouse agree on all financial, support, and custody aspects of the divorce, we can alleviate your headache by completing and filing the paperwork as per your family court’s regulations.

If your spouse is contesting your divorce, or if you have a complicated marital estate and portfolio of assets, our experienced family lawyers are invaluable in protecting your rights and securing a favorable outcome.

Alimony and Spousal Support:

Spousal support issues are very common. Receiving less or paying more than you deserve are also common in divorce cases. As your counsel, we will fight aggressively so you are able to continue living your life at a comparable financial threshold. Additionally, we work to protect your assets if your spouse is seeking more support than what you are required to pay by law.

Child Custody Rights:

Deciding who will have custody of the children is a hotly debated issue facing many divorces. Our attorneys can help mediate custody disputes outside of the courtroom, which is often more beneficial for the children. If necessary, we are prepared to take your case as far as possible to protect your custodial rights.

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